Erlebnispark Tripsdrill


The comfortable shepherd's caravans and tree houses offer an adventure vacation right next to the wildlife park and theme park.

The Nature Resort Tripsdrill is located between the theme park and wildlife park of the same name. If you want to enjoy the diverse offer of the theme park and wildlife park Tripsdrill in a relaxed way, it is best to stay overnight. In front of the Wildparadies, surrounded by forest and its inhabitants, rustic shepherd's caravans and comfortable tree houses are ready to experience a short vacation full of adventure.
Tree houses with hotel comfort.

The 48 tree houses are equipped to a high standard with lounge and sleeping area, sitting area with flat screen TV, coffee machine and refrigerator as well as their own sanitary facilities with shower and toilet and thus offer hotel comfort at airy heights. In winter, underfloor heating provides cozy living comfort. On the veranda, overnight guests can enjoy the evening hours in nature and hear the wolves howling in the wildlife park - an impressive experience.

Shepherd's caravan

A total of 20 shepherd's wagons can accommodate up to five people. Each of the wooden wagons is equipped with a double bed, two bunk beds, a table and a sitting area that can be converted into a fifth bed. In addition to a refrigerator, TV and washing facilities, heating and a fan provide a pleasant living environment. 
A themed bathhouse is available to guests staying in the shepherd's caravans. In the own front garden there are enough sitting possibilities to let the day end comfortably. 

Services & Catering
- W-LAN is available free of charge in the tree houses as well as in the shepherd's caravans.
- The overnight price includes a rich breakfast.
- Also included: admission to the Wildparadies on all days of your stay
- Day passes for the Tripsdrill theme park are available to overnight guests at special rates.
By the way: 
- The tree houses and shepherd's wagons can be booked daily all year round. 
- And the Wildparadies can also be visited 365 days a year. 
- The overnight price depends on the occupancy and the current daily price. You can find out the 
current daily price for your desired date and occupancy in our online booking tool.


Campin Tripsdrill:
30 pitches between the theme park and the wildlife park on a meadow with a view over the theme park and the adjacent vineyards. 
Forest and vineyards surround the RV park Tripsdrill. From here you can start adventurous days in the theme park and wildlife park of the same name.
Registration for the simple parking space takes place at the reception of the nature resort. There you will receive a key card for the sanitary building in the nature resort as well as a parking permit and all further information for a deposit of 5 €.
The pitch is not located in the environmental zone.

- Sanitary facilities in the nature resort Tripsdrill (shower/WC)
- Signposted

- Cash and card payment possible
- Playground and theme park Tripsdrill nearby 

Additional information
- Maximum length of stay: unlimited
- Arrival and departure in summer from 8 to 22 o'clock; in winter from 8 to 20 o'clock
- Distance from the center: 3 km
- No reservation possible, registration at the reception is required
- Subsoil made of grass
- Pitch also suitable for vehicles over 8 m long
- Dogs allowed on the campsite, but not in the wildlife park

- 5 € per person and night incl. use of sanitary building of Natur-Resort Tripsdrill 
- Children under 4 years free of charge
- 5 € cash deposit for the access card to the sanitary buildings
Pitch evaluation:
View pitch ratings from the promobil pitch radar app.


The theme park for the whole family and Germany's first theme park, is located in the middle of 
blooming nature between Stuttgart and Heilbronn. 

In the middle of the Stromberg-Heuchelberg Nature Park, nestled in blooming nature, is Tripsdrill. In 1929, the family business started with an old mill. Today, more than 100 original attractions inspire all generations around this historic landmark - including wildlife park Tripsdrill.

By the way: Tripsdrill has already received several awards as the best amusement park in Europe. The attractions in Tripsdrill are varied - for all generations. The two roller coasters "Full Steam" and "Head Over Heels" are a world first. They are part of a unique double ride, where the course of both coasters crosses several times. Meanwhile, Tripsdrill offers more than 100 original attractions, the Tripsdrill Wildlife Paradise and the Nature Resort with shepherd's wagons and tree houses.

Breathtaking competition between "Hals-über-Kopf" and "Volldampf“
„Volldampf" is a family roller coaster that travels both forwards and backwards. Incomparable fun is guaranteed by the new suspended roller coaster "Hals-über-Kopf", which was awarded as the best new roller coaster in Germany. The trains don't ride on top of the track, but float underneath it - and they do so rapidly, at around 80 km/h and with no less than four somersaults.

More than 100 attractions for young and old
The catapult roller coaster "Karacho", which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.6 seconds, is already clearly visible from afar. The "Waschzuber" rafting provides refreshment, the "Höhenflug" offers a sightseeing flight at a height of about 20 meters. The "Sägewerk" play world delights young and old alike on 1400 square meters. Whatever the weather, the indoor play area "Gaudi-Viertel" offers a wide range of games. The youngest children will also enjoy the special children's attractions: 
Duck water ride, laundry basket round trip, mill stream ride or soap box race. The day pass also includes admission to wildlife park, which is just a 10-minute walk away and celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. More than 60 animal species await nature and animal lovers in the near-natural wildlife park.

Information about events in the theme park can be found here.
Exceptional overnight stays are available at the Tripsdrill Nature Resort. Here you can end the day in rustic shepherd's caravans or tree houses - ideal for a short vacation.

Opening hours
The theme park is open daily from the beginning of April to the beginning of November. (Subject to change!)
You can find the exact opening hours on 

Information about prices can be found on our homepage.
Tickets are only available in the online store. Reduced tickets (e.g. for people with disabilities) only at the special box office on site!

Arrival by car:
If you are arriving by car, you can conveniently park in one of the more than 4,000 free parking spaces. 
- Coming from the A81: A81 Stuttgart - Heilbronn, exit 13 Mundelsheim
- Coming from the A6: A6 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart, exit 45 Pforzheim-Ost
Destination entry for navigation devices:
Special destinations/amusement parks - Erlebnispark Tripsdrill or
Erlebnispark-Tripsdrill-Straße 1, 74389 Cleebronn/ Tripsdrill, Germany
Tripsdrill has 4,000 free parking spaces for cars, motorcycles & co.
Arrival by public transport: 
- Bus from Bietigheim-Bissingen: Line 567 and 572
- Bus from Heilbronn: Line 662 to Brackenheim and further with line 666 to Tripsdrill
You can find more information on how to get to Tripsdrill here. 


At Wildparadies Tripsdrill - the near-natural wildlife park - parents and children discover 60 different animal species on 47 hectares of forest and meadows, a barefoot path and forest adventure trail, an adventure playground, feeding rounds and flight demonstrations.

Animal experience ...
The Wildparadies Tripsdrill is home to more than 60, mostly native animal species. Right at the beginning of the circuit in the wildlife park, visitors can experience some wild animals up close. In walk-in outdoor enclosures, trusting deer can be stroked and fed from the hand. 

Animal impressive ...
The falconry gives an insight into the world of birds of prey: from the dainty falcon to majestic eagles and the Andean condor with its huge wingspan. The rapid flight maneuvers of the birds of prey can be marveled at during the flight demonstrations on the falconry grandstand. The moderated feedings of wolf, lynx, bear & wildcat as well as the otters show the animals in action and impart interesting facts about their way of life.

Animal educational ...
The forest adventure trail with more than 20 stations conveys the forest ecosystem in an educational way. Playground equipment, exhibits and educational panels provide information about plants and animals. The educational offers also include the barefoot path. For more than 150 meters, barefoot visitors can feel and discover various materials. From bark mulch to grit, gravel and cobblestones to tree trunks - there's a lot to get your feet used to. After the barefoot walk, you can clean your feet on the spot with cold water, which also promotes circulation.

Let off steam ...
Children can really let off steam at the adventure playground with climbing forest. Whether on the ropeway or on the seesaw, there are no limits to their talents. And if you want to pet animals in between, go a few steps further to the petting zoo. Here, goats are happy to receive a few strokes.

Open ... 
The Wildparadies is open 365 days a year from 9.00 am. (Subject to change!)
You can find the exact opening hours here.
Information about all events in the wildlife park can be found here.
Extraordinary overnight stays are available at the Nature Resort Tripsdrill. Here you can end the day in rustic shepherd's caravans or tree houses - ideal for a short vacation.

Arrival by public transport:
Bus from Bietigheim-Bissingen: Line 567 and 572
Bus from Heilbronn: Line 662 to Brackenheim and further with line 666 to Tripsdrill
For more information on how to get to Tripsdrill, please visit 

Arrival by car:
Erlebnispark-Tripsdrill-Straße 2, 74389 Cleebronn/ Tripsdrill, Germany
Coming from the A81: A81 Stuttgart - Heilbronn, Exit 13 Mundelsheim
Coming from the A6: A6 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart, exit 45 Pforzheim-Ost
If you are arriving by car, you can park conveniently in the free parking lot.

Camping Tripsdrill

30 Stellplätze zwischen Erlebnispark und Wildparadies auf einer Wiese mit Blick über den Erlebnispark und die angrenzenden Weinberge. 

Wald und Weinberge umgeben den Wohnmobilstellplatz Tripsdrill. Von hier aus startet man erlebnisreiche Tage im gleichnamigen Erlebnispark und Wildparadies.

Die Anmeldung für den einfachen Stellplatz erfolgt an der Rezeption des Natur-Resorts. Dort erhält man gegen 5 € Kaution eine Schlüsselkarte für das Sanitärgebäude im Natur-Resort sowie eine Parkgenehmigung und alle weiteren Informationen.

Der Stellplatz befindet sich nicht in der Umweltzone.



  • Bar- und Kartenzahlung möglich
  • Spielplatz und Erlebnispark Tripsdrill in der Nähe 

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Maximale Aufenthaltsdauer: unbegrenzt
  • An- und Abfahrt im Sommer von 8 bis 22 Uhr; im Winter von 8 bis 20 Uhr
  • Entfernung zum Ortszentrum: 3 km
  • Keine Reservierung möglich, Anmeldung an der Rezeption erforderlich
  • Untergrund aus Rasen
  • Stellplatz auch für Fahrzeuge über 8 m Länge geeignet
  • Hunde auf dem Campingplatz erlaubt, aber nicht im Wildparadies


  • 5 € pro Person und Nacht inkl. Nutzung Sanitärgebäude vom Natur-Resort Tripsdrill 
  • Kinder unter 4 Jahre kostenfrei
  • 5 € Barkaution für die Zugangskarte zu den Sanitärgebäuden
Tüftlerstätte im Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

Erlebnistagungen im Tagungsraum mit Industrie-Charme mitten im Freizeitpark und direkt an der Achterbahn.

Der Erlebnispark Tripsdrill verfügt über ideale Möglichkeiten für Tagungen, Workshops oder Festlichkeiten. Der moderne Tagungsraum „Tüftlerstätte“ – in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Katapult-Achterbahn „Karacho“ – bietet Platz für bis zu 120 kreative Köpfe. 

Der klimatisierte Raum ist bis ins Detail im Stil eines alten Fabrikgebäudes thematisiert und verfügt über modernste Tagungstechnik: 

  • magnetische Whiteboards
  • Flipchart
  • großer Flatscreen-Präsentationsmonitor
  • Soundanlage inkl. Mikrophone 
  • WLAN

Außerdem befinden sich zwei Sonnenterassen in direkter Nachbarschaft für die schöpferischen Pausen. Besonderes Highlight ist in der Sommer-Saison die VIP-Fahrt am frühen Morgen mit der „Karacho“

Halbtages- und Ganztagespauschalen sorgen für das leibliche Wohl während der Tagung. Noch mehr Wünsche? Kein Problem - ob Mittagessen, Rahmenprogramm oder Übernachtung einfach anfragen.

Events im Erlebnispark und im Wildparadies Tripsdrill

Tripsdrill ist bekannt für seine abwechslungsreichen Veranstaltungen!

Ob die Sommer-Gaudi, das Open Air mit "Witz vom Olli", die Schaurigen Altweibernächte oder der Altweibersommer - im Erlebnispark Tripsdrill finden viele tolle Events statt.

Weitere Informationen zu den Veranstaltungen im Erlebnispark finden Sie hier.


Auch das Wildparadies Tripsdrill bietet viele spannende Veranstaltungen.

Ob lehrreiche Exkursionen mit dem Wildhüter, das Hütten-Kabarett in der urigen Wildsau-Schenke oder der WinterWunderWald - hier ist was los. Auch im Erlebnispark warten erlebnisreiche Events.

Weitere Informationen zu den Veranstaltungen im Wildparadies finden Sie hier.

Übrigens: Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen sind im Jahres-Pass inklusive - eine Investition, die sich bereits nach 3 Besuchen mehr als gelohnt hat. Auch im Wildparadies warten erlebnisreiche Events.